Commercial Photo Gallery

Worries? SERVPRO.


At SERVPRO we remove the worry from your disaster. Business buildings and homes are subject to wear and tear over the years. A primary cause of in-building disasters is the erosion of pipes and roofs. If you experience a loss, SERVPRO can take the worry out of your disaster. This photo was taken at a luncheon where we were able to talk about the importance of our ERP program- a service the allows us to serve you quicker and more efficiently!

SERVPRO is #HereToHelp!

How We Strive To Treat Our Customers

The Golden Rule

When we are doing work it is often in homes. We know that we must earn and work to keep trust with our customers, and that we must be good Samaritan’s every day and on every job. When a disaster occurs in your home or office, our experienced crews walk through the process with you. They assist in answering questions, bridging the gap between you and your insurance. We strive to ensure that all necessary parties have the information needed to complete the job faster and get you back to life before.

Large Scale Flooding


This is a tool we use alongside dehumidifiers for larger buildings. Desiccants operate differently than standard low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers. Desiccants do not collect water through condensation. They vent moisture-laden air from inside the structure to outside the structure using a ventilation system. These are large units that sit outside the structure with venting tubes and air input tubes.

Soaked Hallway Flooding

Office Hallway

This loss was a result of a busted high pressure pipe in the ducts of a building. The leak spread through multiple rooms in the building, but only took four days to rectify through drying and ripping up affected carpet. Our efficiency and devotion to quality pleased our client while we made the job site truly "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Warehouse

No Job Too Big!

We cleaned over 70,000 square feet of floors, ceilings, and walls in this commercial building after normal business hours in order to accommodate the client. 

We were able to complete this job in under 2 total weeks and the business passed their audit with flying colors. They have since decided to utilize our cleaning services quarterly in order to maintain a cleaner building year round. Having the ability to ramp up quickly helps you get your needs completed. 

Busted Sprinkler Line in Office

Snap, Crackle, and Flood.

Getting A Business Back on Track

This photo was taken from a job where a sprinkler line busted in an office building. The line had a crack in it and the line busted due to the massive amount of water pressure. The damage affected 4 rooms. From the inventory room to the entry-room to the office, there was water damage covering the floor. We got the call and were out there in a timely manner. If you have a problem, call SERVPRO to make your disaster seem "Like it never even happened."

Commercial Large Loss

Flooding in Your Business

In case of damage, call us!

Should your commercial building experience a large loss, we can quickly activate more SERVPRO trained teammates from other SERVPRO franchises to help us get your building back in order so that you don’t lose revenue. SERVPRO has mobilization teams that travel across the country as needed to support recovery after large storm or disaster events. These teams are familiar with handling the work that goes into a large loss project and are trained to work as efficiently as possible. In the 24 years our franchise has been in business we have brought the mobilization teams in to help a handful of times. Each time, we have had successful outcomes.